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Not all items shown are still available; rather they serve to provide
a sense of what you will find when you visit the shop!

from Paris

These "millefiori" scarves are designed in Paris, France. They are meticulously hand crocheted
in linen or merino wool .The colour combinations are magnificent and unique to each scarf; the designs are kaleidoscopic and intricate requiring hours of hand work and making them one of a kind works of art.

These are truly heirloom pieces; one of those decisions you never regret; a piece you can and will wear year round, any occasion and love it forever!

Get ready to turn heads and be the envy of all! Please visit the shop to view available selections.


Funky one-of-a-kind wire sculpture shoes, wonderful birds and dragonflies!

Iris Casey of Stonedragon Studio manages to capture "the essence of a thing" in her creative wire sculptures. Wound in swirls and curls, some with beads and baubles; each one unique and awe inspiring!


Made in France these are high quality socks in cotton, cotton/wool, cashmere/wool and silk/cotton.
Comfortable and beautifully made.

Funky Fun!

Eco-Friendly Recycled Cotton Arm Warmers

An easy and ecological way to keep warm and funky! These arm warmers can be worn "scrunched" at the wrists, or as in the picture, full length with a short sleeve. They're priced right too, so you don't have to decide what colour - get a few!!

Luscious Leather Gloves

EXQUISITELY MADE! These German made gloves are luscious and lovely; hand stictched from 16 component parts. These particular drving gloves were edged with swarovski crystals.


LIKE FOOTWEAR, scarves are a wonderful way to finish an outfit and make a real statement.
From fine wool, cashmere or silk, to linen and modal, there is always a good selection in stock. The silk scarf pictured is covered in whimsical high heels and is from a Toronto designer with
a chic and quirky eye.


AGING GRACEFULLY! This exercise DVD comes with
these nubbly balls to complete a routine intended to keep your feet flexible and in top health!


THERE'S SOMETHING FANTASTIC about a great pair of tights! These from the US have a 10" wide "non-existent" waistband which makes them so comfortable.
With a good lycra count they are longlasting, too.
You'll have trouble going back!


MAKE A STATEMENT! You can always find
a handbag or two in the shop; British, Spanish, Italian, German.
from demure to funky; some vintage inspired; hobos, wallets, clutches ...


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